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Structural Steel

Design and Fabrication

J.A.C. Construction fabricate all of our structural steelwork in-house at our Perivale workshop. We are a CE registered Company that offers connection designs with full fabrication drawings. In today’s design process, adapting existing structural steelwork on-site to combine with new steelwork is a fundamental part of the structural alteration process.

Design We design connections, produce fabrication drawings and then fabricate ready for installation. +Enlarge image

Unlike other companies who only require a single coded welder to achieve the relevant BS standards, we require that all of our welders are coded to BSEN 278-1 2004 so that we can guarantee the highest possible quality welding in our workshop or on-site.

As a company we are used to the occasional difficult process of delivering and manoeuvring steelwork on-site. Because you are dealing with one company, we take full responsibility for on-site dimensions and accuracy.

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Fabrication With our own fabrication team you will have the assurance of a fast and efficient fabrication service. +Enlarge image
Transportation We are often required to use specialist HI- AB to offload steelwork. +Enlarge image
Installation You know it makes sense with one company taking full responsibility for surveying, fabricating and installing your structural steelwork. +Enlarge image
Basement Steel Structural steel plays an important part in basement construction supporting the existing building in a permanent and temporary condition. +Enlarge image