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Basement Construction

Basement Contractors and Excavators

In London, basement construction is one of the fastest growing areas in our industry. With the increasing demand for space in the London property market, J.A.C Construction offer a competitive basement construction service. Whether as a specialist sub-contractor or a main contractor, we can help you achieve a successful outcome to your projects.

Underpin and RC Walls From excavation, formwork, reinforcement and concrete works, we install underpinning. +Enlarge image

Basements can sometimes be a daunting and overwhelming task combined with the essential need for temporary works and steelwork. Having one company will give you the confidence to expand into this fast growing business.

Our extensive knowledge of structural alterations and our specialist skills including underpinning, reinforced underpinning, excavation and disposal, underground drainage systems, pumping systems, and membrane tanking systems should give you the confidence of a competitive and professional basement service.

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Temporary works Installing permanent steelwork at sub-basement levels to support the existing building while a basement is being constructed is one of the many specialized skills we undertake. +Enlarge image
Excavation Using a conveyor belt system offers a fast and efficient way to remove excavated soil from sub-basements to street level, ready for collection. +Enlarge image
Drainage and Pump Systems We install sub-basement drainage systems including foul pumping chambers with high pressure discharge lines. +Enlarge image
Basement construction With our patented formwork system to the finished basement structure, we offer a fast and efficient basement construction service. +Enlarge image